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How To Use Google Business Effectively

Use Your Short-URL

Use your named Short-URL provided by Google Business as a review link for customers and clients, as well as an easily shareable link on social media platforms. You can get your Short-URL by following these steps:

  1. Sign in to Google My Business as your business profile.
  2. Open the location you want to create a Short-URL for.
  3. From the left menu, select Info, and then Add Profile Short Name.
  4. Enter your desired Short Name.

Using Your Link Effectively

● Reply to comments on social media made by customers and clients with a heartfelt thank-you and a review link. (Example: “Thanks so much for the comment. Please let us know how you felt about your experience with us by leaving a review!”)

● Send a professional & friendly worded email to customers or clients, thanking them for their business and including a review link. (Example: “Thank you for your business! We would love your feedback. Please feel free to rate us and leave your comments and suggestions on our Google review page!”)

Basic Google Business Tips

● Update your Google My Business page often by using posts. It’s advised to update your Google My Business profile and posts at least once or twice a week. (The more active your Google Business page, the easier it is for search engines to see it.)

● Provide links or mentions to new and updated content that you offer through your desired platforms.

● Keep branding up-to-date.

● Use important phrases and keywords first in your posts, so they show up in previews. Keep it short and sweet!

● Make sure images uploaded are the correct dimensions according to best practice. Google My Business cover photo size is 1024 x 576 pixels, Google Business Post image size should be 720 x 540, though any 4:3 ratio image should work fine. (2021)

● Display any digital media you have made for your business, like team images, awards you’ve won, etc, in the dimensions best suited to Google Business.

● Claim your Google Business Short-URL if you have not already done so.

Using Google Business Posts

Update your Google My Business often by using posts. This keeps your profile active, while also highlighting what’s going on with your business; which is something potential clients and customers look for first. You can create posts for events, offers and specials, product updates, and other announcements. (This also includes COVID-19 post announcements.) Use high quality digital media like images and videos linked to and included in your posts. Keep them short but sweet, using clever wording and catchy lines with proper SEO included. Many successful small businesses create clever and artful ads that incorporate important information while catching the eye and adding legitimacy and urgency to any attributed call-to-action.

Remember to keep your branding updated and cohesive across all platforms for best results, and don’t let that analytic data go to waste! Use it to create impactful strategies for your business online.

JANUARY 1, 2022
Authored here @ hello internet.