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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is extremely important, and we believe it should be protected. This privacy policy was created to make our intent to protect your data clear, and to assure you that we will never sell your data to any third party. This policy explains what types of information is potentially retained, and how it is used. All individuals contracted for work through this website are bound by this privacy policy.

What Information is Collected
Individuals that fill out our contact forms or otherwise voluntarily provide us with contact information (such as name and email address) may have that basic information retained to communicate with new or potential clients. At individual request, we will remove contact information of any potential client from any place it is stored.

IP addresses & Cookies
This website uses your IP address & Cookies to monitor traffic for issues and errors, and to share with Google Analytics to determine and improve user experience. We never share any of this information with any parties not mentioned in this policy.

Contact Information
The contact information sent through any forms on this website will never be sold to any third parties, and will solely be used to facilitate communication between consenting parties.

Outside Links
Links that leave this website are not the responsibility of this website, and may be subject to outside policies.