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How To Secure Your PS5 Console

New devices and consoles are always big targets for hackers, scammers, and other malicious entities that may want to steal your data. There are a few super easy ways to keep your new PlayStation 5 secure, so you can play all the new releases worry-free.

Here are some steps you can take to secure your PS5 console.

Set up PS5 2FA: Setting up 2 Factor Authentication is the most important step to securing your PS5 console. To do so, go to Settings > Users And Accounts > Security > 2 Step Verification. Select which authentication method you would like to use, and follow the steps provided to confirm that you have access to the chosen method.

Changing your PS5 password: Think you might be using a compromised or unsafe password? Head to Settings > Users And Accounts > Login Settings > Password. Enter your existing password, then create your new one. Make sure it follows safe password protocols!

Resetting your PS5 password: If your account has been compromised, or you’ve forgotten your password, head to Settings > Users And Accounts > Sign-in. Press the required button on your PS5 controller, then follow the steps to reset your password.

Updating your PS5: Making sure everything is up-to-date and patched properly is an important step to securing your PS5. Some updates include fixes to security issues! To force an update, go to Settings > System > System Software Update & Settings. From here, you can trigger an update, or set them to happen automatically.

Setting up PS5 Parental Controls: Need to make sure nobody uses your new console for “unsavory purposes”? Set up parental controls! Go to Settings > Family & Parental Controls > PS5 Console Restrictions. From here you can use / create your restriction passcode, and change any settings you need to. Nobody that doesn’t have your passcode will be able to edit these settings.

NOVEMBER 10 2020
Authored here @ hello internet.