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Bank Transfer Scams

Prevention & Understanding: Bank Transfer Scams

One of the most common variety of scams at the start of 2023 are bank transfer scams, and they come in different flavors – like the Zelle transfer scam, or the identity theft scam. Here’s some information on how they […]

How To Use Google Business Effectively

Use Your Short-URL Use your named Short-URL provided by Google Business as a review link for customers and clients, as well as an easily shareable link on social media platforms. You can get your Short-URL by following these steps: Sign […]

Fake URLs & Unexpected Redirects

Many direct cyber-attacks begin with a fake URL being clicked – they can lead to immediate malware downloads, malicious redirects designed to infect your machine, or redirects hoping to trick you into sharing valuable information with a fake website. Here […]

LockBit & LockFile Ransomware

As you probably already know, malware is software that is specifically designed to disrupt, damage, or gain unauthorized access to a system, with the intent of stealing some type of information from that system. Ransomware is malware that aims to […]

Don't become a victim of data theft.

The Hows and Whys of Data Theft

Your data has value. Data breaches happen for a reason. Anyone can be a victim of data theft. Even data that may seem innocuous, like a first name to match an email address, has significant value to cybercriminals of all […]

Tech Support Scams: Have You Been Victimized?

Most people have come into contact with different variations of tech support scams. Here’s some detailed information about how they work, what they want, and how to avoid these scams. The Basics No company is going to contact you because […]

How To Secure Your PS5 Console

New devices and consoles are always big targets for hackers, scammers, and other malicious entities that may want to steal your data. There are a few super easy ways to keep your new PlayStation 5 secure, so you can play […]

Data Privacy

Personal Data Privacy & Staying Safe on Social Media

Limiting the amount of immediately available information about you can not only help prevent you from becoming a target to hackers, but it can prevent other types of dangerous cybercrime, like doxing, identity theft, financial crime, and more. Data privacy […]

Avoiding Malware from Deceptive Websites

Avoiding Malware from Deceptive Websites

Even the most careful internet users may come across malicious or deceptive websites without realizing it. With a momentary lapse of judgement, they could fall victim to a scam or download malware onto their machine. Here are some common types […]

Social Media Phishing

Phishing: Outside the Inbox

“Phishing is a type of social engineering attack often used to steal user data, including login credentials and credit card numbers…Moreover, phishing is often used to gain a foothold in corporate or governmental networks as a part of a larger […]